Dog Agility with Jumping Cholla Agility Club

Dock Jumping with AZ Dock Dogs

Shown in AKC obedience and rally

Shown in AKC agility

Shown in NADAC agility

Part-time trainer with Soldier’s Best Friend for 4+ years


Worked with​ those who have special needs

​​Training Education:

(Includes classes, seminars, books and training dvd series)

Cesar Millan


Chad Macklin

David Dikeman

The Monks of New Skeat


Hi, my name Carly and I have been training dogs for over 12 years. I have had the privilege of working with all sorts of breeds, behavioral problems, and training disciplines. I have done small scale boarding at my home for years as well.

I am so blessed to have amazing clients who have entrusted their dogs in my care and have sought my advice on training issues. My clients are a pleasure as well as their dogs!!!!

Below is a brief synopsis of my experience. Developing dog skills can't be adequately achieved with a piece of paper saying you've completed dog behavior 101 and are now ready to be a dog trainer. I have found the best experience and training is hands on with the best teachers themselves, the dogs!!! 

I've had the honor of working under, learning, and being mentored by some of the best dog trainers in Arizona. 

Billie Rossen

Jo Fain

Becki Johnson

Jeff Newman

Becki Gilbert 

​Shawna Swanson

Best Friends Forever Dog Training 

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