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In Aug 2014 I adopted Rusty from AAWL ... A ball of energy with no training and signs of possible neglect. I was referred to Carly by my neighbor when I complimented her dog's great manners. In Jan 2015 we began our 6 week class and I was impressed. Carly is knowledgeable of behavior and comes very prepared. I noticed that Carly was able to quickly read the dogs in the class to offer suggestions, making small alterations in the general rules as needed. Along with the class time Carly sends out follow up emails as a reminder on weekly "homework" and is available for questions offering quick response. My Rusty is still a ball of energy but today I can walk him with little to no pulling and his attention to direction is much improved. I highly recommend Carly to anyone looking for help in training their dog. 🐶 Nanette H - Glendale AZ


"I started this basic obedience class with my 7 month old Aussie puppy...And I must say I've seen much improvement! I had already done some basic training with her beforehand, but some things such as loose leash walking, the down and stay command we did VERY poorly. The way Carly teaches the right techniques for these commands, (and many others) personalized specifically for you and your dog is bound to give you success! My puppy is now doing AMAZINGLY in these areas, and her overall behavior is much better. I would highly recommend taking this class...Carly is an amazing trainer! And totally a natural...Thanks so much Carly! =)" 

"Carly has great natural instincts when it comes to training dogs. She is a very good teacher in a group setting or one-on-one. Her classes will give you the tools you need to have a happy, healthy companion dog. One of my favorite things that she taught was to have my dog wait for my command before crossing the threshold of a door or gate. This command keeps him safe, and reinforces my alpha status. Carly's classes are well organized and full of great, practical information!"

~Ivy & Murphy

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