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Best Friends Forever Dog Training 

Class Covers:
* Building a good foundation of training
* Teaching your dog it's fun to work and train
* Engagement Games
* Working towards solid and reliable commands (sit, down, stay etc.) 
* Eye contact 
* Loose leash walking
* Manners  

Classes are 8 weeks long. Cost is $200 for the entire class due at registration. 

Next Foundations Class Starts Jan & April 2020

Contact for more information and to register. 

​My dog, Buffy, and I took a class with Carly in 2012. The classes were GREAT and Buffy and I learned a lot—the basic “sit”, “wait”, “come” plus some nifty little tricks like “roll over” and “crawl.” (And in case Carly doesn’t preach this to you enough, the KEY to any training really is follow-through at home!) Carly was obviously knowledgeable , well-prepared, and responsible, but I was most impressed with her ability to “think on her feet”—because arthritis makes it painful to do some of the training, Carly suggested I do a lot of it on a raised area like a bed! And it really worked! I would not hesitate to recommend her classes!

-Carolyn & Buffy

This class is for the everyday dog owner that would like a more obedient and happy dog.  It's also a great place to start for more advanced training. 

What is Covered In This Class? 


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