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“I have no hesitation at all in recommending Carly as a trainer! She understands the mind and manners of a dog and is brilliant and gentle but firmly teaches the animal how to behave. She is calm, and in control of the dog during her sessions. Carly is an exemplary teacher and has helped us with our Great Pyrenees puppy “Barnabas”. He is learning how to mind his manners at home – important for a dog who will weigh over a hundred pounds when full-grown. Carly is punctual, professional, responsible and generous with her time. She is completely competent in her doggie-domain and her skills will be invaluable as you work together to achieve your training goals."

Janet K.

We had Carly work with us at our home with our two dogs. We were so blessed. All they really needed was more exercise and attention . She taught my oldest son to ride his bike with his dog Marley. Marley was bullying another dog of ours because he had too much extra energy. She is the one that told us playing ball in the backyard was not enough for him. 
​She also spent many hours with my other son and his dog Joshua. Joshua was very disobedient. She taught Joshua to obey and taught my son (8 at the time) how to train him. She really taught us to be better dog owners.

~ The Guy Family 

Private Lessons

Best Friends Forever Dog Training 

Private lessons are specifically tailored to correct the behavioral issues your dog is displaying or if you need individual one on one help with training. Each session is at least an hour long, if not longer. 

Cost is $75 a session. Contact for more information or to schedule a session.  

Is your dog jumping on you or guests? 

Not listening to you? 

Potty training not working? 

Still displaying destructive behaviors  while you are away? 

Is your dog bolting out the door every time it's open? 

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